FCA and Hyundai Partnership Eyes Hydrogen Powertrain

FCA and Hyundai partnership

If you’ve been staying on top of automotive news, you may have heard rumors that FCA and Hyundai are planning to merge. According to official sources, these rumors are false. However, such rumors do appear to be founded in a strong partnership between the two automotive companies that is much more real than just a rumor.

News of an FCA and Hyundai partnership has been confirmed by FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne. Specifically, they will be working together on series of new transmissions including a new hydrogen engine.

The partnership is an excellent choice for FCA, whose goals for the future include developing multiple alternatives to the traditional fuel-based powertrain. Notably, it’s not the first time that Hyundai has lent a helping hand to FCA with engineering for future vehicles. The two automotive companies collaborated at least once before when Hyundai was brought in to help design the six-speed transmission currently in the Jeep Compass.

At Randall Noe CDJR, we love to see the power of teamwork at play and we’re glad that both FCA and Hyundai seem to support one another and benefit from the partnership. We’re looking forward to seeing what their current project develops, as well as what over projects they may take on together in the future.

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