Fiat-Chrysler Awards: Consumer Guide® Best Buys

Read about all the Fiat-Chrysler awards wins, from Randall Noe CDJR

If you’d like to drive home an award-winning vehicle, you’re likely to find one at Randall Noe CDJR. That’s because four Fiat-Chrysler vehicles were recently named 2018 Consumer Guide® Automotive Best Buys. These cars include the Pacifica, Durango, Ram 1500, and Fiat 124 Spider.

Fiat-Chrysler Award Winners

According to Chrysler, the recent Fiat-Chrysler awards included high marks for four very special vehicles. The Pacifica took home the gold for the Minivan and Family Vehicle category, which it’s won two years in a row. This is also the second consecutive year on the Best Buys list for the Fiat 124 Spider, a sporty coupe that’s truly fun to drive.

“There’s a lot of good product hitting the market these days, but some designs are so well executed that they endure the test of new challengers. In the cases of the Durango and Ram, that is especially true,” said Tom Appel, Publisher of Consumer Guide Automotive. “As for the Pacifica, it’s simply one of the most thoughtfully designed family vehicles we’ve ever evaluated.”

Ram 1500 Continues Its Streak

The Ram 1500 was the best truck in the Large Pickup Trucks category for the 10th year in a row, a truly impressive feat. Meanwhile, the Durango wont the Large SUV segment for the sixth consecutive year, which is equally outstanding. The recent Consumer Guide® awards are among many the brand has received that recognize the high-quality materials and innovative designs that are features on every Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram model.

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